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The cover of the magazine this month is The Phoenix: Spirit of New Hope by Arnold Kolb. It is a photograph of pharmaceutical materials, taken on an optical polarizing microscope with a built- in camera. A copy has been purchased for the permanent art collection of Miles Research centre, part of the pharmaceutical division of Miles Inc., at West Haven, Connecticut, USA. It’s beautiful, but is it art?

Arnold Kolb’s works have all the characteristics of painting, but the medium is photographic. The fact that photography can be art still shocks some people - probably because the technology is so available that anyone can take pictures. But, it should fool no one that the art in photography is, as art has always been, composition and skillful use of techniques and materials. Kolb uses scientific equipment to create his pictures. Similarly, Leonardo da Vinci, when he drew the human body, used a highly accurate technique that was developed for a scientific purpose - anatomy. This is not an artistic defect. Kolb’s use of a polarizing microscope, camera, interference techniques, beam splitters, and compensators, can be seen as the brush, canvas and colours used by a painter. The right composition is made possible not only due to the skill of the use of the mechanical features of the microscope, but also to the manipulation of the materials that are melted, dissolved, and selectively re-crystallized. This is composition of the narrative or the subject. Remember, the Greek word that stands for art is techne.
Gloria Marrocco
“Photography liberated the hands of artists from the inevitable necessity of a sketch. It became an art of special dimensions and vision, in many respects equal to painting. Photomicrography verified the previously arcane imagery of abstraction. The art of Arnold Kolb is a conscious transfer of scientific research to artistic search; done carefully, thoughtfully, and well.”
Michael S. Bell
Museum Director

Arnold Kolb has perfected the art of creating intriguing macro-color prints through photomicrography. Recognizing the visiual impact of such prints led us to employ them as illustrations for effective readership-proven advertisements and collateral material.”
Martin C. Eichinger
President/Creative Director
A.M.P.M Inc.

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